Individual Color Portraits

Show your best side with a personal portrait.

Making every day people feel and look beautiful and confident in portraits has been my passion for many years. I strongly believe there is beauty inside every person and to me, a portrait is a way of exploration, discovering and celebration of your inner beauty and power. Over the years I have photographed hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds and I love doing it. Finding beauty in people and helping them realize their own allure is my expertise and enlightens my soul. I call my art "portraits from the heart" because I believe that portraiture can reach a level where we're no longer seeing the image but actually feeling it. This essentially is the result of the strong connection I create with my clients, I love making them feel comfortable in their own skin. Seeing their confidence flourish in front of my lens, photographing them being themselves completely and unapologetically, and seeing their faces light up when they see their portraits for the first time is priceless. I enjoy giving a celebrity experience for everyday people, an experience that is transformative and life-changing.

I invite you to a personal photo session with me, it will change the way you see yourself.

Individual B&W Portraits

See how Black & White protraits can show color.

What you lose from not being able to capture beautiful golden hour light, you'll gain back in focusing more on the direction, quantity and quality of light around you. Learning how to read and play with different elements of light in this way is a fantastic skill that parlays directly into shooting video or studio strobes too, trust me. Looking at someone's face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of color can provide a stronger emotional connection to your subject. It's not necessarily always the case, but if like me, you often feel more connected to a person in a black and white image over a color image, this could be the reason why. With color gone, it's purely about the connection you have with the subject. One of the most common reasons people want to shoot in black and white today is because it lends a certain timeless quality to the images. This is because we still think of black and white as being a throwback to the photographic past. Of course, it is in terms of black and white was much more prevalent before color, but this is still a great reason to shoot black and white. It doesn't matter what race, color or background you happen to be, black and white photography provides wonderful tonal range between the deepest blacks and the whitest whites. Garishly colorful makeup is no longer distracting. Pigments, discoloration and distracting elements of the skin can become less obvious. It's not hard to see why fashion photographers like Peter Lindbergh have built their entire careers shooting almost exclusively in black and white.

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